Concrete, Asphalt, Equipment Rentals, Equipment Hauling

 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134

                   Office:  #215-739-5490  |  Fax:  #215-739-5492 

   Highway Paving is a construction contractor serving Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  We provide reliable quality service to both commercial and residential clients. Highway Paving has been in Business for over 20 years, performing small residential jobs to large utility contracts.  Orchestrating jobs from start to finish Highway Paving avoids project delays saving both time and money.

We specialize in concrete installation, asphalt paving, demolition and equipment rental.

Call today to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE!  Office # 215-290-2854 

Highway Paving Inc.
(215) 739-5490
3025 Castor Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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